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The Company Leading This Movement is

Unicity International

    A Proven Leader Operating in More Than 40 Countries
  • A company with over 100 years of history, growth, and stability.
  • A company that manufactures and markets some of the highest quality supplements and nutritional products in the world.
  • A company that is rapidly expanding around the globe.
  • A company that committed to making life better.

Based in the United States, the company is solid, secure, debt free, and COMMITTED to it’s independent business owners and customers.


Products that are featured in the Physician’s Desk Reference…The guide doctors turn to learn more about prescription drugs and safe natural alternatives like those offered by Unicity.

And, products that address the issues that are on the minds of most people…including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

PDR 2016

Our Distribution Model?

Of course we could market these products in the newspaper, through stores, or on television…but instead we choose a model that is already working in over 40 worldwide markets…

  • A model that is PROVEN.
  • A model that PAYS people like you for helping us spread the word.

That model is a hybrid of Franchising and Direct Sales…arguably two of the fastest growing product distribution
channels in the global economy.

And Unicity International is here to STAY

Our commitment is unshakeable

THIS is your chance

A chance to work with a proven, debt free company

A chance to market “best in class” nutritional products

A chance to take control of your life and financial future.

A chance to help improve the lives of our families, friends and those in our communities

Join Our Movement to Make Life Better.

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